It is hard to believe, but the story of this fine Doo Wop group from Germany began more than thirty years ago!  In creating BIG BOYS STILL SINGING, their eleventh album, the group has returned to its doowop roots.  Twenty of the tracks were recently written by the guys and done in classic Crystalairs’ style.  One of the two great remakes is STRANGER GIRL from the 1979 movie The Wanderers — a film and soundtrack that heavily influenced the guys in their young teens.  

The other is directly related to the night The Crystalairs were formed.  The story sounds like something straight out of a doowop movie!  Ralf zur Linde and Claus-Peter Niem were close friends who had attended THE SAME SCHOOL.  While attending a party at a dance hall in late 1988 they heard some guys singing and followed the sound.  They found brothers Jens and Daniel Franke and another guy and knew immediately why the three were singing in that spot.  People at the party would not let them sing, so they had gone into the restroom and were LOOKING FOR AN ECHO (WIR SUCHTEN NUR EIN ECHO).  Ralf and Claus jumped right in to fill-up the harmonies, and the Crystalairs’ sound was born!  The guys will always remember how they were SINGING THE NIGHT AWAY.




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